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​Affordable  -  Great Results  -  Medically Proven
Talk to our medical provider for a FREE CONSULT and see how we can help you

Why Our Weight Loss Program is Different

Because our weight loss program is unique and medically driven we are different from most off-the-wall weight-loss offices. Ours is medically safe, long lasting and with maximum results. Because weight gain is a medical condition, we may evaluate your health condition that may contribute to your weight gain, such as potential thyroid or hormonal imbalance and other deficiencies that may cause weight gain. Then to start you we design a program that is for you and fits your metabolism to keep you healthy. Often weight gain accompanies other conditions like depression that can not be ignored and needs attention. We take your overall health seriously.

Our Weight Loss Program Includes:​

  • Free Consult

  • Medically Managed

  • Appetite-suppressant

  • Hormone balance testing 

  • Diet recommendations

  • Medical evaluation

  • B12  Injections

  • Weekly monitoring

  • Diabetes test

  • EKG & monitoring  

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